Guanyun Gaoke Chemical Co., Ltd.
Name:Guanyun Gaoke Chemical Co., Ltd.
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Equipment: Pallet Jack
Equipment Type: Pressure Vessel -> Others
Quantity: 3tons
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Valid Period: 2026-11-01
Description: Hydraulic car, when used to carry the fork into the tray hole, from a manpower-driven hydraulic system to achieve lift and pallet of goods decreased by complete removal of human driving operation. It is the most convenient transportation pallet, the most effective, the most common loading and unloading, handling tools. Truck / pallet trucks 4mm Steel quality and reliable steel weld strength without breakpoints; truck / pallet trucks and integral cast tanks, tank truck from the impact of the rate of decline; imported seals, chrome rod; truck / internal relief valve provides overload protection pallet trucks, to reduce maintenance costs; rotating shaft connection to the heart of high-quality roller bearings, flexible and do not shake; one piece cast wheel frame and equipped with front and rear guide wheels, equipped with wheel-free protection extend the life of the wheel by the impact; tapered arcuate fork design, quick and easy access to the tray; truck / pallet trucks and sports-oriented site with wear ring, absorb eccentric load to extend the service life; handle with rubber fork Department, greatly extended life.
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